Wolf Academy

Wolf Academy (1785)

Built as the Allen Township Academy, young George Wolf attended and later taught in this beautiful one-room building.

The Academy's origins begin in the latter eighteenth century, when the citizens of the Scots-Irish Settlement and their German neighbors were anxious for their sons to acquire a higher level of education than the few schools of the time afforded. Money was raised by voluntary contributions to build the Academy and pay for educators. For forty years after its opening, the Academy maintained the best of English and classical academics in the region.

By 1820 the Academy was changed to accommodate church services. An altar and high back pews were added, giving the Settlement a nearby house of worship. In later years the Academy was also used by a debating society, as living quarters, and as a barn.

Today the Academy has been restored as a one room structure. The Academy features a vaulted ceiling and a classic symmetrical facade with its original limestone walls preserved.

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Governor George Wolf and map of Bath, PA circa (1885)
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